The HubSpot and Xero integration guide for property managers

How will the Hubspot and Xero integration help your property management business? Join us to learn more about how these 2 systems deliver better efficiency

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The HubSpot and Xero integration guide for property managers

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If you are landing on this Cloudfox guide, you'll want to know more about the HubSpot and Xero integration and how they might be helpful to your property management business. 

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Let's find out, shall we? 


What are HubSpot and Xero? 

Both HubSpot and Xero are software-as-a-service products (SaaS). HubSpot is a sales and customer relationship manager (CRM), and Xero is an accounting software. They integrate to streamline your data and efficiencies from lead to sale to invoicing and reconciliation.  

Why is this a good software mix for property management businesses like yours? To answer that, we need to understand your current challenges. 


The challenges of property management and bookkeeping and why your software needs to work harder 

At Cloudfox, we've worked with many property managers over the years and in every business there are challenges: 

  • teams operating from multiple sources of truth 
  • sales, marketing, operations, and finance teams working in silos 
  • messaging back and forth for updates on payments 
  • a reliance on varied or manual reporting processes 
  • and gaps or inconsistencies in your reports 
  • making compliance and forecasting difficult. 

That's a big headache! And it costs you time and money because you often act reactively. 

How you fix that depends on your ability to invest in the right technology to support your team and business as it grows. Your solution is HubSpot and Xero. 


Addressing property management and bookkeeping challenges with HubSpot and Xero 

In our experience, this integration allows you to tackle all those challenges in a way that many other options do not. HubSpot and Xero work together to provide: 

  • Synced and unified contact integration - The HubSpot integration syncs Contacts from Xero to Hubspot for end-to-end visibility of the customer journey from stranger to paid customer. 
  • Enhanced team collaboration - It also means your team has real-time access to data that allows them to collaborate effectively (No more email asking if the customer has paid the initial rental amount!) 
  • Detailed tracking and reporting - Giving you top-level and granular views of your locations and properties, right down to rooms and renters from lead to deal to sale. (We created a HubSpot guide with some deal stage tips here - read that to learn how much detail you can get from HubSpot alone.) 
  • Automated processes and task allocation - Ensuring your team is more proactive with an up-to-date action list and flag if the contact is over 7 days late for payments.   
  • Fewer sales pipeline leaks - More transparent centralised lead, sales, and marketing management gives you more informational power to take proactive actions. 
  • Industry and financial compliance - Through accurate reporting and data logging. 
  • Customisable integration and scalability - Both programs offer deep customisation and further integration, allowing you to fit the software to your bespoke needs. Both allow room for scale when you are ready, meaning you don't have to worry about migrating data to another service either.

So, how easy are they to implement? 

The integration is simple, but as with any SaaS for property management, making sure your data is entered in the source system correctly will help avoid any future headaches. That's why we recommend having experts do the job for you. In this case, we can do that here at Cloudfox because we are partners with both HubSpot and Xero - so we know exactly how their software works and how to implement it for effective property management. 

Here's a guide we created for HubSpot to show you some of the complexities you need to consider (and how much this software can do to boost your business). 


How easy is migration? 

System migration doesn't need to be complicated. The linchpin in your strategy is how you handle data. 

Poor data migration can cause you a host of issues, from; 

  • missing or corrupt data 
  • alignment issues 
  • a loss of efficiency 
  • poorer decision-making 
  • to compliance and regulatory risks. 

Creating a clean data package with correspondence between older and new system data markers is essential. As is ensuring the data package has a safe transit from one system to another (Remember - it isn't just about data loss, but also data security. Unfortunately, there are always cybercriminals looking for a way in these days). 

We wrote a guide on Xero migration to help you understand this vital point. 


The HubSpot and Xero plans we recommend for property management 

When it comes to Hubspot, we always recommend the Pro plan for one property and the Enterprise plan for two or more properties. But if you have the budget, we recommend opting for the Enterprise plan because it allows for the customisation you will need to take a detailed look at your sales pipelines, deal processes and sales reporting. 

On Xero, we recommend the Ultimate Plan, which caters to larger businesses and those with complex requirements, such as payroll, expenses, project tracking and advanced analytics. 


Your next step with HubSpot and Xero 

If you'd like to explore the HubSpot and Xero integration for your business, then drop us a line. 

As we said, we have years of experience in property, implementing both software for leading brands - we even use both systems for our own business. 

Contact Eddie using the form below, and let's meet online for a virtual chat. 

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