HubSpot Sales: Can it handle property management pipelines?

In this Cloudfox guide, we'll examine why you should consider HubSpot Sales for your property management business and if it can handle your sales pipeline.

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HubSpot Sales: Can it handle property management pipelines?

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The one question every property management business has is, "Can my PMS handle my sales pipeline effectively?" And we understand why - it brings life to deal progression and unit profitability. But have you ever considered using HubSpot Sales with your Property Managment System (PMS)? 

In this Cloudfox guide, we'll look at why you should consider HubSpot Sales and its use cases.

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Can HubSpot Sales solve the challenges faced by traditional PMS? 

To understand where we see HubSpot and, specifically, HubSpot Sales Hub making a more significant difference in this sector, we must discuss some of the challenges we see with traditional PMS. 

  • Costs - Traditional systems are typically licenced on the number of units you bring on board. That means your costs continue to grow with every bed you add. 
  • Fragmented data - Siloed information across different modules can lead to inefficiencies and hinder a comprehensive view of property operations. Your debtor position might not show when you are trying to get a rebooker for instance. 
  • Lack of integration - While most PMS systems understand the need for integrations, there isn't always as much choice as would be required to build out additional functionality. Ever tried to get an integration with Yardi!!  
  • Lack of automation customisation - Tedious manual processes can increase workload and potential errors in managing property-related tasks. The ability to customise your automation settings can be important. 
  • Lack of sales tracking and reporting customisation - Customising your sales tracking and reporting is crucial to seeing results at both top-level overview and granularly. 
  • Lead time for enhancements – PMS providers need to cater for a lot of customers, some features you want may not get looked at for months if at all. 


Okay. We have to say at this point that we implement PMS software for BTR and PBSA operators, and we will continue to do so, what we are talking about is taking control of your own processes, automation and customisation.  

But when we look at the trends for this sector, an emphasis on tenant experience and more choice in flexible leases and multi-living options indicates that client portfolios are diversifying. 

The need for a modern solution and how HubSpot helps 

Recognising the limitations of traditional PMS in a diversifying market, there's a growing demand for a modern, integrated solution that can keep pace with PBSA and BTR sectors. HubSpot has the closest solution. Why? Because the highly customisable system was built to bring together your key teams (sales, marketing, and customer service) and allow them to work collaboratively. And if we consider the past few years, that's vital if you need to adapt, pivot or diversify your offer (and without switching software). 


How HubSpot Sales manages property management pipelines effectively 

The big question is whether HubSpot Sales can handle the demands of property management pipelines effectively. 

Let's take a look. 


Organisation and tracking of leads 

  • Centralised lead management - HubSpot Sales provides a central hub for managing leads, ensuring that all relevant information is easily accessible. That eliminates the need to toggle between different systems, offering a unified view. 
  • Customisable pipelines - Whether looking at lead generation, tenant onboarding, or property maintenance, HubSpot allows you to customise your pipeline stages to match your workflow. We have a guide called "5 tricks to help you with HubSpot deals" - we recommend reading it to give you some insight into the customisation options available. 
  • A number of pipelines - Renewals, direct let, nominations whatever you want to track as a pipeline you can! 
  • 360-degree view - HubSpot consolidates interactions, communications, and historical data, empowering property managers with the insights to nurture relationships effectively. 
  • E-signatures – Send contracts updated with the relevant customer details and get that signed using Hubspots implementation of Dropbox e-sign, or use PandaDocs instead.  

Check out our top tips for deal tracking with HubSpot. 


Automation for workflow streamlining 

  • Task automation - From sending follow-up emails to setting reminders for critical tasks, automation ensures that no opportunity falls through the cracks. 
  • Email sequences - Personalised, timely emails can be scheduled to nurture leads, keeping your audience engaged throughout the property management lifecycle. 
  • Integration capabilities - Whether syncing data with accounting software like Xero or automating marketing efforts with Teams or Zoom video calls, HubSpot ensures a seamless workflow. 
  • Automation triggers - For each stage of your workflow you can trigger emails, SMS, or update contact data points, making your team more responsive. 
  • Tracking website visits – Track pages your leads are visiting and use this to target with calls, emails or website content tailored to their needs.   
  • Email tracking – Knowing that your email is being sent is one thing but knowing that it has been opened, what links have been clicked on and when they are viewing it is next level.   

Check out our guide to integrating Xero with HubSpot for accounting workflow streaming. 


Analytics and reporting for informed decision-making 

  • Real-time analytics - Track key metrics, such as conversion rates, time in stage and deal progress, empowering property managers to make data-driven decisions. 
  • Custom reports - HubSpot's flexible reporting tools allow you to tailor insights according to your KPIs. Segmenting and aggregation for any metric you can think of. 
  • Forecasting - Leverage forecasting tools to project future performance based on historical data. Use this to report your actuals against your forecast. 

Let's imagine you aren't entirely won over or need help talking about HubSpot Sales to C-suite stakeholders. Here's a look at some team wins using this system. 


User perspective: CEO, CFO, COO, and Property Managers 

HubSpot Sales is designed to cater to the unique needs and perspectives of CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and Property Managers, providing a unified experience across the board. Let's look at this case by case. 


The CEO's visionary view 

  • Strategic oversight - HubSpot Sales offers CEOs a strategic overview of property management pipelines, enabling them to align sales efforts with overarching business goals. 
  • Performance metrics - Real-time analytics aid CEOs in assessing the overall health of the sales pipeline, facilitating informed decisions at the organisational level. 


The CFO's financial focus 

  • Revenue forecasting - For CFOs, the forecasting capabilities of HubSpot Sales are pivotal. Accurate revenue projections based on sales data contribute to financial planning and budgeting. Plug HubSpot into Xero and keep a close eye on debtor balances across the business and individual properties. 
  • Cost efficiency - Automation features reduce operational costs, making HubSpot Sales tool a financial asset for CFOs. 


The COO's operational excellence 

  • Workflow efficiency - COOs benefit from HubSpot's workflow automation, streamlining operational tasks and ensuring that the property management pipeline operates efficiently.   
  • Data-driven operations - Custom reports and analytics empower COOs to make data-driven decisions, enhancing operational excellence. 


The Property Manager's day-to-day ease 

  • Task automation - Property Managers find relief in automated task management, allowing them to focus on tenant relations, property maintenance, and other critical aspects of day-to-day operations. 
  • Customisable pipelines - The flexibility to adapt pipelines to specific property management stages ensures a tailored approach for Property Managers. 
  • Meeting scheduler – Real time diary and appointment scheduling reduces back and forth trying to find a time that suits. 


Which plan do we recommend: HubSpot Pro Bundle or HubSpot Enterprise? 

Depending on what stage of business you are at and the diversity of your portfolio, our advice will differ. 

Essentially, if you are starting out or managing just one building, we recommend the Pro bundle to start, upgrading later on. For everything else, we recommend Enterprise. 

The Enterprise plan offers deeper levels of customisation and reporting, which means you can really dig into your numbers unit by unit, room by room - even tenant by tenant. By default, this gives you a much closer relationship with your tenant experience regardless of how many buildings you own. 


Do you need some help implementing HubSpot Sales? 

Cloudfox is a registered HubSpot partner and has delivered several large client implementations exclusively in the property management sector. We also offer ongoing support, so when it comes time to adapt or upgrade, we help you at every step, providing integration, upgrade rollouts and staff training. 

If you'd like a chat to see how we can work together, fill out the form below. 

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