HubSpot deals: 5 cool tricks to help you with deal tracking

Tracking deals in your sales pipeline software is critical to staying on top of business. Here are 5 cool tricks to staying on top of your Hubspot deals.

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HubSpot deals: 5 cool tricks to help you with deal tracking

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Tracking deals in your sales pipeline software is critical to staying on top of business. HubSpot deals helps you do that from one dashboard. As with all systems, you can learn a few tricks to help your team become more efficient in handling deals. In this Cloudfox guide, we'll help you do just that! 

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Understanding the HubSpot Sales Hub and HubSpot deals  

Within your HubSpot CRM is the HubSpot Sales Hub, where all your sales leads, contracts, and enquiries are aggregated. If you've been following us for a while, you will know that we recommend starting with the HubSpot Pro bundle and quickly upgrading to the Enterprise bundle as you scale your property management business.

You can find out more about that in our guide HubSpot Sales: Can it handle property management pipelines? 

And here's why. 

When it comes to HubSpot deals and creating your sales funnels, you can offer multiple pipelines on both plans, but when you upgrade, you have access to things like: 

  • predictive lead scoring 
  • recurring revenue tracking 
  • conversation intelligence 
  • and custom objects (great for reporting on a granular level, building by building, or unit by unit) 

That added capability ensures your team has access to the right tools to manage and report with detail.


Why HubSpot deals are helpful to your property team 

Deals are where it is at!  Leasing units or rooms is the number one action your property company needs to be successful.  Making sure you have that process streamlined, consistent and accurate will not only boost your teams performance but your bottom line performance too.   

In HubSpot Sales, you can create deal stages for each pipeline.  These help you systemise your approach and reporting methods, meaning you can track specific offers, monitor sales patterns and streamline your team's workflow. 

Deals help you see: 

  • Value of deals at each stage of the process, individually and in total. 
  • Monitor stagnant deals that aren’t progressing quickly enough. 
  • Make sure all stages are completed or if they are skipped. 
  • See interactions with your customers in one intuitive view.  


Five cool tricks to help you with HubSpot deal tracking  

Here are some of our top tricks to help you maximise your HubSpot deal tracking. 


Trick 1: Log and track emails efficiently  

HubSpot deals take your communication to the next level, offering a seamless way to log and track emails right from the heart of your sales hub. 

Why is this crucial?  

Effective deal tracking hinges on transparent communication. By effortlessly logging and following emails within HubSpot, you ensure that every interaction is accounted for. No more sifting through inboxes; everything is neatly organised within your deal records. 

Setting up email tracking in HubSpot:  

  • Connect your Inbox using the Hubspot wizard. 
  • Open the relevant deal and create an email. 
  • Enable email tracking. 
  • Voila! Every email interaction is now automatically logged and tracked. 

Benefits for property managers:  

  • Time efficiency - Spend less time searching for emails and more time on strategic decision-making. 
  • Visibility - Gain a comprehensive view of all email communications tied to specific deals. 
  • Enhanced collaboration - Foster team collaboration with a shared understanding of deal-related conversations. 
  • Log email replies automatically – See the full conversation in your CRM and on your deal record. 

Next, let's help you stay on top of deal ageing. 


Trick 2: Deal ageing notification system  

Deals ageing in your pipeline can be a potential stumbling block if not addressed promptly. HubSpot deals has an intelligent notification system to ensure no deal slips through the cracks. 

Why does deal ageing matter?  

Deals, like good wine, need attention. Deal ageing indicates a deal's time in a particular stage of your sales pipeline. Recognising and addressing ageing deals is critical to prevent stagnation and capitalise on opportunities.  Hubspot automatically shows how long since the last activity on the main board but you want to filter this for an actionable list. 

Setting up deal ageing views in HubSpot:  

  • Navigate to your HubSpot Sales dashboard. 
  • Access the Advanced Filters > Last Activity Date. 
  • Set up filter based on your preferred time thresholds like ‘more than 10 days ago’. 
  • Stay informed about deals that need your attention before they hit a critical age. 

Benefits for property managers:  

  • Proactive decision-making - Quickly understand when deals need addressing and create the workflow and task automations in your pipeline setup. 
  • Optimised pipeline - Ensure a smooth flow through your sales pipeline by creating the proper communications outreach. 
  • Increased win rates - Addressing ageing deals can lead to higher conversion rates. 

Now that we've handled deals and lead communications let's look at stakeholder updates. 


Trick 3: Stakeholder updates made simple  

HubSpot deals simplify stakeholder updates by fostering transparency and collaboration throughout the deal lifecycle. 

Why is stakeholder communication often tricky?  

Keeping stakeholders in the loop can be challenging, especially in a sea of peak-season property transactions. HubSpot deals addresses this by providing a reporting dashboard for your stakeholder updates. 

Leveraging HubSpot for seamless stakeholder updates:  

  • Access the relevant reporting dashboard in HubSpot. 
  • Update any static commentary tiles with relevant commentary on the numbers. 
  • Output the report individually or as a dashboard output pdf, xlsx or powerpoint file. 
  • Send the report or dashboard to the stakeholder. 

Benefits for property managers:  

  • Enhanced collaboration - Foster a collaborative environment with stakeholders. 
  • Transparency - Keep stakeholders informed about deal progress in real-time. 
  • Efficiency - Streamline communication, reducing the risk of miscommunication. 

Now, let's look at task automation because this is where communication with stakeholders and leads becomes action. 


Trick 4: Task automation for productivity  

Your team will get more deals over the line if they are productive. HubSpot deals allows you to create efficiency gains through automating repetitive and mundane tasks, allowing your team to focus on strategic decision-making and relationship-building. 

Why is task automation so important?  

Task automation frees your team from simple tasks that tech can handle - from notifications to sending marketing comms at the right time for the correct lead touchpoint. What you are left with is a team that is less encumbered by an endless to-do list and, instead, much more proactive at pushing conversions. 

How to automate tasks using HubSpot:  

  • Identify repetitive tasks within your deal management process. 
  • Access the Automation section in HubSpot Sales. 
  • Set up task automation based on specific triggers or conditions. 
  • Watch as HubSpot takes care of the routine, giving you more time for high-value engagement with your customers. 

Benefits for property managers:  

  • Increased productivity - Automate repetitive tasks to boost overall efficiency. 
  • Reduced manual workload - Free up time for more strategic aspects of property management. 
  • Consistency - Ensure that crucial tasks are completed consistently and on time. 

And finally, there's a huge trick in our eyes: custom properties! 


Trick 5: Custom properties for portfolio insights  

In property management, gaining deeper insights into your portfolio is crucial for growth. HubSpot deals allows you to elevate your understanding through custom properties, providing a tailored approach to managing and analysing data. 

Why are custom properties so helpful?  

Your property managers can use custom properties to add specific details unique to each deal. They could include property or room-specific information, deal categories, owner information or other custom data relevant to your portfolio. The versatility of custom properties ensures that you capture and analyse the nuances of your deals comprehensively. 

How to set up custom properties the right way:  

  1. Identify key data points - Determine the information for your property management deals. These could range from room size, room type, floor, property size and location to deal-specific categories. 
  2. Access custom properties - Navigate to your HubSpot Settings > Data Management > Objects > Deals dashboard. Here, you can add, edit, or remove custom properties based on your requirements. 
  3. Define deal-specific fields - Create custom fields that align with the unique aspects of your property portfolio. For example, if the property location is vital, establish a custom property specifically for this data point.  Make sure to tick that it is required. 
  4. Implement consistent naming conventions - Maintaining consistency to ensure clarity and easy information retrieval - a crucial step for effectively using and analysing your custom properties. 

Benefits for property managers  

  • Granular portfolio analysis - Custom objects give you a more nuanced understanding of your diverse property portfolio. With objects, you can see who is in each room, how long they've rented for and the room's overall performance. 
  • Improved reporting - You can generate reports that align with your specific property management KPIs, providing actionable insights for strategic decision-making. 
  • Enhanced search and filtering - Streamline your ability to locate and manage specific properties within your portfolio. 


If we were to give you a bonus tip, it'd be this 

Other property management system support companies will leave you at this point, but in our view, there's one more BIG tip to give - You need to integrate HubSpot with your bookkeeping system. Our recommendation is to integrate HubSpot with Xero. 

There's one singular reason why this is the best system decision you will ever make. 

It aligns your portfolio reporting with accurate real-time debtor, cash flow and budget reporting. 

That comprehensive approach to property management means you can tie KPIs to something more tangible than ambiguous percentages - profit. And with that approach, you'll be more informed to tackle conversations on growth, even in uncertain market economics. 


How to turn our tricks into the perfect HubSpot deal system setup 

Knowing how to implement these tricks is one thing. Finding the time to do that in a way that doesn't stop your team from working can feel like a juggling act too far. And that's where we come in. 

We can do that all for you. That's right, everything from a complete system implementation to a system adjustment. Cloudfox is here as your ongoing HubSpot support. 

We support Xero software, too. So we can give you a bespoke but holistic PMS and finance system and support as you grow. 

Did we mention we can keep your books, too?! 

If you'd like a chat to see how we can work together, fill out the form below. 

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