How Make automation software powers Property Management workflows

Learn how Make's automation software can streamline your Property Management workflows, saving you time, reducing errors, and creating more innovation.

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How Make automation software powers Property Management workflows

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We've been using Make (formerly Integromat) with our clients for a while and decided it's time we wrote a blog about it. The aim is simple: to help you learn how it can improve your Property Management workflows.

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What is Make's automation software? 

In a nutshell,* is an iPasS platform that helps you design and streamline workflows and processes with its no-code visual platform. You simply start with a trigger point, connect your apps and software and away you go! 

By developing workflows that encourage collaboration, you can stop department silo-building and open the flow of information to everyone. What this means for you as a business is that you save time and money, reduce repetitive tasks and errors and create more room for innovation. 


What is an iPasS? 

An iPasS is a cloud-based service that allows businesses to manage and control essential access to their applications and data securely from one place. It stands for Identity and Access Management as a Service. 

If you are going to use one, our top tip is to remember multi-factor authentication and your other data security provisions. Having one service manage all of your separate software and apps can put a lot of information at risk. However, if set up correctly and with security in mind, many iPasS users will tell you that the service has become integral to their efficiency. 


So, is Make an alternative to Zapier? 

Yes, Make is an alternative to Zapier (rhymes with happier).   

Both Zapier and Make are automation tools that allow you to connect different apps to automate workflows. However, Make has some unique features that make it stand out from Zapier. For example, 



  • Make offers a visual workflow builder that makes creating and customising complex workflows easy.  
  • Make supports multi-step workflows to automate (and even duplicate) more complicated processes to produce data paths. 
  • Make also has a historical data feed, meaning you can set start dates to a past date in your business's history from which you'd like new process data to flow. 
  • Make is a less expensive option, as each of its plans offers more steps or actions (which Zapier would call "zaps") 
  • Zapier currently has more app and software connection options. 
  • Zapier offers pre-made zaps connecting commonly used tools in a few quick steps. 
  • Zapier also offers a delay and sleep function to put workflows and processes on hold. Make's alternative only "sleeps" for around five minutes. 

Which is better for supporting Property Management? In our opinion, it's Make. 


5 types of workflows you can create using Make for Property Management 

As a Property Manager, you can create various workflows using Make to streamline your operations and save time. Here are five types of workflows that illustrate the idea: 

1. Deal creation

With Make, you can set up a workflow to collect tenant applications from your property management system (PMS) and contacts in your customer relationship manager (CRM).  Giving you full visibility of all the interactions with your customer as they progress through the sales process.  Link that with Aircall and you can speed dial them if they are taking too long to move through the process and update the company via Teams. 

Example: Spike Living > HubSpot > Aircall > Teams 

2. Rent collection

You can use Make and Hubspot to automate rent collection and reminders. This includes updating tenant balances in Hubspot, sending tenant reminders, and processing payments. 

Example: Xero > HubSpot > Payment Gateway > Xero 

3. Direct Debit setup

Make can help automate mandate setup by connecting the new contact from Hubspot to GoCardless, creating a payment link for the reservation payment and sending a nicely styled email message to the client to activate.  Once clicked it will update Hubspot with the activation and confirmation of the payment. 

Example: Hubspot > GoCardless > Hubspot  (then splitting the path for positive or negative sales outcomes) 

4. Move-in/move-out inspections

Creating a workflow for move-in/move-out inspections ensures that each unit is inspected thoroughly and promptly. 

Example: Move out date trigger > Inspection Team tasks created > Inspection outcome > PMS Client File > Post Inspection Tasks 

5. Lease Renewals

With Make, you can automate the lease renewal process, including sending renewal notices and generating new lease agreements. 

Example: One Month To Move Out Date Trigger > Lease Renewal Paperwork Generation > Tasked for Approval > Sent to Tenant (where payment gateways are triggered on acceptance) > send SMS using Twillio to the customer on completion 


Make automation software strengthens Property Management workflows 

Efficient and detailed processes are a thing of dreams.

Scratch that.

Efficient and detailed processes are much easier to set up than you think, and Make proves that! From its intuitive visual planner to its data flow, the software offers your Property Management business a chance to build out bespoke workflows that suit you and your clients. And that's why we recommend it. 

Contact us today using the form below if you need help getting started on 


*Affilliate links provide a small kickback to Cloudfox, but are only provided where we have clear working evidence to support our recommendations.

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