Spike Living: How to empower your tenant communication channel

Join us and explore how Spike Living can turn your tenant communication into a well-orchestrated symphony of seamless interaction and tenant satisfaction.

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Spike Living: How to empower your tenant communication channel

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Are you struggling to engage and keep your students up to date? Or are you struggling to feel efficient in your tenant outreach? Spike Living is a fantastic platform to help you with all that.

In today's blog post, we'll dive into the software's unparalleled capabilities in redefining tenant communication. From its intuitive interface to its advanced features, we explore how Spike Living can turn your property management practices into a well-orchestrated symphony of seamless interaction and tenant satisfaction.  

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Why tenant communication matters and how Spike Living helps 

For property management companies specialising in PBSAs, fostering transparent and efficient communication channels is not just a convenience but a strategic necessity. Effective communication is pivotal in tenant satisfaction, retention, and property success. 

The ongoing challenges in PBSA tenant communication 


  • Diverse tenant base - With a diverse range of tenants, your team needs a versatile communication approach that caters to various preferences and lifestyles. They also need to account for language and cultural barriers. 
  • Timely updates - Ensuring tenants receive timely updates on property news, maintenance schedules, and relevant information can be daunting. Even more so when you factor in mid and end-of-term breaks, exams, etc. 
  • Issue resolution - Promptly addressing tenant concerns and maintenance requests across multiple sites can be challenging, leading to frustration and tenant dissatisfaction. 

Let's look at how Spike Living is helping to change that. 


Enter Spike Living: Elevating tenant communication 

Parent company Spike Global realised there was a need for a partner system to their Spike Lettings software, which would help their users manage multiple property tenants and apartment blocks effectively. Spike Living is that solution - a portal designed specifically to engage and communicate with tenants about everything within the tenancy lifecycle. 

Considering more complex industries like student accommodation, Spike integrated social clubs, forums and event calendars, allowing property managers to facilitate tenant support and well-being - a much-needed aspect of student life. 


Key software features and benefits 

  • Real-time information sharing - Your team can effortlessly share real-time property updates, announcements, and news, keeping tenants informed and engaged. 
  • Customisable and targeted alerts - They can also customise automated alerts based on specific criteria, ensuring the right tenants receive the relevant information. 
  • Streamlined maintenance requests and tracking - Tenants can submit maintenance requests directly through the portal, ensuring quick response times and efficient issue resolution. Property managers can use the same portal to track requests, further work tickets and third-party efficiency. 
  • Transparent communication - Spike Living fosters transparency by allowing your team to communicate openly with tenants, building trust and enhancing satisfaction. 
  • More immediate responses - Instant messaging capabilities enable property managers to address tenant inquiries promptly, fostering a sense of responsiveness.
  • Seamless integrations - A wide range of integrations will help you take control of your property portfolio. These include Cloudfox favourites Xero, HubSpot, MRI, Stripe and GoCardless. 

The benefits of switching to Spike Living for property management companies 

Spike Living software goes beyond streamlining tenant communication – it delivers many benefits that can transform property management operations.

The software reduces manual communication, freeing valuable time for property managers to focus on higher-priority tasks. All communications are stored in one centralised hub, making tracking and managing information easier and reducing resolution steps.

By automating communication processes, you can also lower administrative overheads, becoming more efficient. Meaning your team can focus on other areas of the business at the same time.

Our clients who switched to Spike Living said that the software contributes to a positive tenant experience through transparent communication and quick issue resolution. As we know - Happy tenants are more likely to renew their leases, improving tenant retention and referral rates.


Getting Started with Spike Living 

Let's dive into the practical steps in onboarding this software into your tech stack. 

  1. Explore the features - Take time to explore the various components of Spike Living, from the tenant communication portal to the automated alerts. Familiarise yourself with the user-friendly interface to navigate the software's structure. 
  2. Define your communication channels - How will you communicate with each property's tenants, and do all your properties need the same configurations? In most cases, we'd say "yes" but consider each building in turn. 
  3. Set up your channels  - Configure communication channels per block to ensure smooth interaction between your team and tenants.  
  4. Utilise resources - Use training materials and resources provided by Spike Living to ensure that you maximise the software's potential. 
  5. Integrate processes - Seamlessly integrate Spike Living into your existing property management processes to enhance efficiency. Need help with that? Send us an email! 
  6. Communicate the change - Inform tenants about the transition and explain the expected benefits. 
  7. Regular assessment - Monitor the software's impact on tenant communication and property management operations. 
  8. Adapt and improve - Use feedback from tenants and your team to adapt and enhance your approach to using the software. 

Conclusion: Embrace Spike Living for a Brighter Future 

Spike Living offers the opportunity to shift from traditional property management approaches to a more tech-savvy, tenant-centred paradigm. By empowering your team to communicate effectively, address issues promptly, and build lasting tenant relationships, Spike Living opens doors to enhanced tenant satisfaction, improved retention rates, and a reputation that stands out in the competitive market.

We've implemented Spike Living across many of our client's businesses and have significantly impacted how they communicate with students - and changed how students perceive their businesses. We know it could do the same for you.

Contact Eddie using the form below, and let us help you get started. 

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