How StarRez makes your BTR community management easy

Discover how StarRez's community management software can streamline your BTR operations. Simplify tenant management, billing, and more with ease.

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How StarRez makes your BTR community management easy

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StarRez is one of the most comprehensive community management software solutions out there. It simplifies BTR operations, streamlines tenant management and reduces overall costs.Join us in this article as we explore the benefits of using StarRez for your BTR community management and how it can enhance your operations. 

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Benefits of using StarRez for BTR community management 

You’ll grow to love this software as we do because it automates processes and boosts your operational efficiencies.

Here’s what it can do for you: 


Tenant management 

One of the biggest challenges of managing a BTR property is tenant management. With StarRez, BTR operators can streamline tenant communication, provide a self-service portal for tenants, and automate billing and payments.

This allows tenants to easily manage their accounts, make payments, and submit maintenance requests.

With tenant information in one place, BTR operators can provide personalised services, track tenant interactions, and better understand tenant needs. 


Maintenance management 

Maintenance requests are a regular occurrence in BTR properties. With StarRez, operators can track and manage maintenance requests through a centralised system.

Service providers can be assigned and tracked, ensuring the timely completion of requests. 

This feature reduces tenant frustration with delayed repairs and enables BTR operators to proactively identify and resolve potential maintenance issues before they become more significant problems. 


Marketing and leasing management 

Marketing and leasing management is another crucial aspect of BTR community management. StarRez offers advertising and lead management features that help BTR operators manage and track prospective tenants.

The online lease execution feature simplifies the leasing process, making it easier for tenants to sign leases and for BTR operators to manage them.

Automated rent increases allow BTR operators to adjust rents quickly based on market conditions or other factors.

By leveraging these features, BTR operators can enhance tenant satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase revenue.


The StarRez features we know you’ll love 

  1. Centralised management - One of the most significant benefits of StarRez is its ability to provide a centralised platform for managing all aspects of BTR operations. By centralising operations, BTR operators can easily access and manage data, track performance, and make informed decisions.
  2. Customisable dashboard - StarRez offers a customisable dashboard that allows BTR operators to view critical information at a glance. The dashboard can be configured to display data such as occupancy rates, maintenance requests, rent collection, and other key metrics. With this information readily available, BTR operators can make data-driven decisions that optimise their operations. 
  3. Data analytics - StarRez provides robust analytics allowing BTR operators to track performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions. These provide insights into occupancy rates, leasing velocity, marketing effectiveness, and other key metrics. This information allows BTR operators to optimise their operations and improve tenant satisfaction. 
  4. Mobile App - StarRez offers a mobile app that allows BTR operators to manage their operations from anywhere. The app provides access to critical information, including tenant and property data, maintenance requests, and lease agreements. This enables BTR operators to respond quickly to tenant needs and manage their properties on the go. 


By providing a centralised platform, customisable dashboard, data analytics, and mobile app, StarRez simplifies BTR operations and enhances tenant satisfaction. 


How StarRez reduces costs for BTR operators 

The biggest problem for any business is keeping costs down. This crucial piece of BTR software can help you do that too.

One of the highest costs for BTR operators is managing billing and payments. Tenants can manage their accounts, reducing the need for BTR operators to process payments and respond to inquiries. Through automation, you’ll reduce the need for manual processes, reducing the risk of errors and saving money.

Maintenance is another high cost for BTR operators. As StarRez handles maintenance requests and service provider tracking, you reduce the need for multiple follow-ups and improve tenant satisfaction. Additionally, by proactively identifying and resolving maintenance issues, BTR operators can reduce the risk of more significant and expensive repairs.

Marketing and leasing are other significant costs for BTR operators. StarRez offers advertising and lead management, reducing the need for expensive marketing campaigns. Additionally, the online lease execution feature simplifies the leasing process, reducing the time and cost of leasing.

Finally, staffing costs are another high cost for BTR operators. With StarRez, many tasks that previously required manual processes can now be automated, reducing the need for additional staff. This saves BTR operators money and allows them to reallocate resources to other areas of their operations. 


Getting started with StarRez for BTR community management 

If you're interested in implementing StarRez for your BTR community management needs, here's how to get started: 


1. Determine your needs

Before implementing StarRez, it's essential to determine your specific needs. Do you have specific reporting requirements? Do you need help with leasing, maintenance, or both? 


2. Work with a StarRez implementation team

Once you've identified your needs, the next step is to work with a StarRez implementation team (like us!). We will help you migrate your data, configure the system, and provide training to ensure that you can use the system effectively.


3. Integrate StarRez with other systems

The implementation team will work with you to integrate the solution with other systems to ensure it integrates seamlessly with your existing systems. This includes accounting software (we recommend Xero), CRM, and other systems used in your operations. 


4. Go live

Once the system is configured and your team is trained, it's time to go live.


Why Cloudfox recommends StarRez with Xero  

At Cloudfox, we recommend integrating StarRez with Xero for the most effective BTR and financial system.

Here’s why.

The accounting system offered by Xero is renowned for its reliability and adaptability, making it the top choice for businesses seeking seamless daily bookkeeping. Moreover, it excels in accuracy when it comes to tax reporting obligations, which has made it a preferred option for software developers to develop integrations with.

The Xero and StarRez integration is reliable and provides real-time synchronisation between the two systems, meaning that any changes in rent prices or payments are immediately reflected from one to the other. 


Need some help setting up StarRez with Xero and using it in your daily bookkeeping process? Fill in our Cloudfox bookkeeping form, and let us get you started! 

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